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While sex is associated with pure fun and enjoyment or purely reproductive purposes, there is a whole lot more behind the three-letter word when it comes to you and your relationship. Knowing the benefits you receive, physically and emotionally, can help you and your partner enjoy a healthy and happier relationship for years to come.

Look Younger
Having sex regularly can have a positive impact on how you look! For one, sex is a great source of exercise, which means you are burning calories and fat while having your one-on-one time. This leads to a healthier, more fit, and further energized version of you!

Aside from the exercise, do you ever realize that you feel more relaxed and can fall asleep more easily after sex? This isn’t just a coincidence. Sex can help you sleep easier throughout the night, avoiding those dreadful bags under your eyes that you get from lack of sleep. Not to mention, the better sleep will contribute to your refreshed and glowing skin.

Health Benefits
In a relationship, we all want our partners to be as healthy as they can be. Luckily, having sex can promote a healthy lifestyle. People who have sex regularly may find that they develop a stronger immune system, thus find themselves getting a cold or the flu less often. This is all because sex helps us build a stronger immune system due to higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which fights off diseases and the common cold or flu.

Reaching the “Big O” for men and women is another health benefit that can’t be overlooked. Studies have found that an orgasm is beneficial for both men and women. It is linked to a decrease in prostate cancer for men and protection against endometriosis for women, as well as improves your cardiovascular system.

Relieve Stress
Stress gets to everyone in all shapes and forms. Fortunately for us, sex is one of the best ways to relive your stress and get away from the troubles of the day. Not only do people handle stress more easily when they have sex regularly, but it can help many relationships as various arguments between couples are brought on from someone’s stressful day.

Boost That Confidence
Sex is one of the best ways to boost confidence in yourself and your relationship. There’s just something special about how you feel after making love to someone you love. Your relationship feels stronger and you might just feel a tad bit sexier. There’s nothing wrong with that! This is your time to shine, feel confident, and show that to the one you love. Having sex can boost your self-esteem because it makes you feel desirable, attractive, and confident, all leading to your actions in the bedroom and your everyday life.

Keeps Your Relationship Alive
Sometimes relationships need some reassurance after you’ve been together for so long. Sex can reignite that spark that you first had the moment you fell in love. It is a physical way of communicating and showing your partner that you still love them just as much or even more than you did before.

Many married couples have expressed the importance of sex by stating that it is an essential aspect in maintaining a happy relationship. Keeping up that level of intimacy generates a bond between the two of you and creates a strong amount of trust when together.
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